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Company establishment services
Guide for the Establishment of a Corporation (Kabushiki Kaisha, KK) in Japan
This guide explains how our firm provides support regarding the procedures for establishment of a Japanese corporation (Kabushiki Kaisha, KK) . We hope that it will be useful in your considerations.

[I] Scope of Support [Please make your choice from among the three listed below.]

If our firm assists in founding your corporation, we would be happy to provide you the following services, from:
1) The starting point: helping answer questions like "What kind of business plan and organization would be good for you?"; to
2) Assisting with procedures for your corporation's establishment; through
3) Consistently supporting the operations of the KK after its foundation; and more.
We are generally provide services for the entire process, from the first stage through to stage three, although if a client wishes to utilize just one or two stages, that is also quite feasible. Our business is based on helping you succeed!
(Please select the stages you are interested in getting support with.)
1) Consultation on business plans for the foundation of a KK, consideration of the corporate structure, etc.    
Basically, free of charge for a one-hour initial session, and ¥3,000/hour for a second session or more (If you order our service including business operations support (minimum duration period is 6 months) , in principle, fees are free of charge for up to 5 hours.)
2) Procedures for the establishment of a corporation after the decision on your business plan [Basically、you may choose either a) or b) .]  

a) Undertaking procedures required for the registration of the company's establishment(from the preparation of the articles of incorporation through the completion of registration)
b) Full package of services for undertaking procedures required for the registration of the company's establishment(from the preparation of the articles of incorporation through the completion of procedures for notifying authorities)
3) Examples of support for business operations after KK establishment

a) accounting/management assistance(bookkeeping, book closing, cash flow administration, management consulting and so on)     
b) legal support (legal and related assistance with contracts, stockholders' meetings, board of directors' meetings and the like )
c) other practical support in administration areas (including personnel and labor issues) d) tax filing

[II] Estimated time period (from the application through the confirmation of the completion of registration)

The shortest period: 2 weeks (It takes about 1 week from the application for registration to the confirmation of registration.)
Usual cases: about 3 weeks to 1 month

[III] Rough estimate of fees

From ¥400,000 in total (including the actual expenses listed below. However, additional actual costs incurred, such as travel expenses, will be added.)

Examples of actual expenses required for corporation (KK) establishment(In principle, a revenue stamp cost of ¥40,000 can be saved by adopting electronic articles of incorporation.)

※ 1) and 2) shown below are expenses which are always incurred, even in the case of self-establishment. In such a case, moreover, approximately ¥40,000 is required for a revenue stamp at the time of authentication of the articles of incorporation, in addition to 1) and 2) below.
1) Charge for the authentication of the articles of incorporation ¥52,000 (includes costs for obtaining the original copy of the articles of incorporation → paid at a notary public's office)
2) Registration license tax ¥150,000~ (increases in proportion to the amount of capital → paid at a legal affairs bureau or the like)
3) Charge for electronic authentication of the articles of incorporation ¥18,000 (includes tax and charge for usage of electronic articles of incorporation-specific software)
4) Fees for our firm ¥180,000~ (includes tax, excludes additional actual costs such as travel expenses)
※ At a client's request, we are ready to provide agency services such as the preparation of seals required for the KK corporation establishment procedures.
[For example, one set of three-type seals consisting of the registered seal of a KK representative (president), a seal for bank transactions and a square seal (total cost: about ¥10,000 or more) ]

[IV] Necessary items to be prepared (confirmed) by a client at the very beginning:

□ Identity verification documents (a driver's license, a health insurance certificate, or the like)  
□ Documents in which the outline of the corporation to be established is summarized.  
□ Confirmation that the seal of the would-be founder has been registered in the municipality where he or she lives.
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