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How to establish Corporation (Kabushiki Kaisha, KK) in Japan

Written by CanaL Legal and Accounting Office, Translated by Shinsei Consulting Co Ltd.

  1. Consideration and organization of business plan (It takes about 2 to 4 weeks, Needs discussion and coordinating between all the person concerned)
    This procedure is very important to make articles of incorporation which become the absolute rules of the corporate.
    1 When to register/establish the corporation
    2 Decision of business plan, trade name of corporation, organization (Needs trade name investigation to avoid violating the Unfair Competition Prevention Law.)
    3 Organize of corporate (Needs concerning of future changes that might occur)
    4 Preparation of special account for investment money and so on
    5 Preparation of seal registration certificate for all incorporators (2 sheets for each incorporator which issued within a month before application for registration of incorporation)
  2. Preparation of articles of Incorporation (Electronic), sealing application for certification, and certify by a notary public (It takes approximately 3 business days)
    Note: Seal to use; 1 Registered seal of each incorporators, 2 Seal of legal office (both electric and registered)
  3. Making Corporate Seals (A seal of representative of the corporation (required), a seal of corporation for using bank account (required), a square seal of the corporation (It takes approximately 3 business days)
    Note: Basically, it is better to make the seals after receiving certification of article of incorporation from notary public, but it is possible to make seals before that if the investigation of trade name of corporation has been passed. (We help you for ordering the corporate seals)
  4. Transferring investment money to a bank account (In principles, account should be belong to the representative of the corporation’s personal account) (It takes approximately 1 to 3 business days)
    Note: In principle, transfer needs to be done after certified of the article of incorporation from notary public. If transfer was done before the certification, it is required to make other document which needs all incorporators seals, and in some case it will be asked to do all the procedure again from regional legal affairs bureau.
  5. Preparation and sealing documents for registration of incorporation (It takes approximately 1 to 3 business days)
    Note: Seals to be used; 1 Seal of representative of the corporation, 2 registered seals of all of the incorporators, 3 registered seals of directors and auditors
  6. Application for registration of incorporation (in principle, the date of submission to the regional legal affairs bureau becomes the date of establishment) (It takes 1 business day)
    Note: We recommend to choose other than the first day of the month for reason of saving the amount of per capita rate of corporation local tax.
  7. Confirming the completion of registration, receiving the registration certificate
    Note: Generally, it is possible to confirm the completion of registration after 7 business days from submission.
  8. Other registrations for government offices which needed to establish corporation
    E.g.: Tax office (required), metropolitan tax office (required), Japan Pension Service, Labor standards bureau, etc.


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